Green Glass doors is a short film created by a nine-man team of film and TV students from the University of Hertfordshire.


The initial pitch for the film came from producer Thomas Goff, who wanted to create a film with two unique selling points; firstly, having a single protagonist on screen in which we see his characterisation and personality. Secondly, he wanted to have the film shot in a set location that doesn’t change throughout the film allowing for the atmosphere to build as tension rises for the character.


This initial idea evolved with Script Writer Yuri De Lanteuil, who added more complex themes on top of the ambitious storytelling with themes of revenge, pollution and the apocalypse – which added a darker tone to the narrative and helped to flesh out the reason the protagonist is in a single room.


Director Alex Madden and Director of Photography Jordan Miller added horror tones to the production and wanted to emphasise an eerier atmosphere that would build up to the thriller tones of the film.


This film is aimed at fans of the thriller and horror genre. The film is intentionally topical to today’s society with issues such as pollution, global warming and corporate abuse being relevant in 2018.

it will be shown at film festivals once completed, giving people a chance to see it.


Antony Burton from ABLG Design (@ablgdesign) was recruited to create the social media banners, logo and designed the website that you are browsing now (Thank you, Antony!)


"Trapped in a room, our protagonist Michael, an oil executive, must solve a cryptic riddle presented to him by a voice on an intercom. He must answer correctly before the poisonous fumes from the outside seep in and kill him.

The Riddle:
"What may enter the valley of the Green Glass Doors?"

What is the answer? Is it biblical, historical or literal? You'll have to find out... "


The plot of this 10-minute film involves a once-wealthy oil executive who is trapped in one of his old oil factories. He is being held prisoner by someone he cannot see and can only communicate via an intercom on the wall. His jailor holds a grudge against him, as his own greed and arrogance have caused great repercussions upon the world outside and upon the personal life of this mysterious figure.

Michael, the executive, is presented with a challenge. He has to answer a riddle laid out before him which will allow him to leave free from his confines, but he must answer quickly as the toxic atmosphere from the outside leaks into the room and begins to poison him.