As the producer, Thomas works with his line producer Sunil to create a budget and schedule in order to keep the project on time without overspending its resources. While not directly involved with the production, his influence is constant throughout, from its conception to its delivery. He has the final say on decision making in the film and is responsible for resolving any issues that occur during the production while ensuring that all legal paperwork is signed off correctly.





As the director, I control the creative vision and the film's artistic and dramatic aspects. I have a key role in choosing the cast members, production design, and guides the technical crew and actors in the fulfilment of that vision.  I am in one of the few positions that require intimate involvement during every stage of film production. The film director gives direction to the cast and crew and creates an overall vision for the film and needs to be able to mediate differences in creative visions and stay within the boundaries of the film's budget.




As Line Producer and Production Manager, I am the second in command of this production. My role probes many responsivities for the crew, ensuring; deadlines are met, resources are provided, and the information is channelled. Being the calm of the storm enables me to know and understand all aspects from pre-production to post-production. Tasks include; drawing up schedules, health and safety assessments, and manage financial budgets. I also act as the first port of contact & for third-parties and crew. I chose this role because I wish to better understand the business and organisational mechanics of filmmaking.

I will serve three different roles during the production of Green Glass Doors. In Pre-Production, I had the role of Head Scriptwriter, with the job of writing multiple drafts of the script until reaching a final draft in which we as a group felt was up to our standards for filming. On set I am to act as First Assistant Director, taking care of the schedule and keeping order during filming. In post-production, I will take the role of Lead Editor, I will edit the final cut of our film and have the responsibility of ensuring that all roles in post-production cooperate efficiently.







I am the production designer and location manager for Green Glass Doors. Alongside the director, it is my job to ensure our group has the best location for our script at the best price for our budget. I am also in charge of the props and set dressing, which will bring our scenes together. In terms of post-production, I will be a part of overseeing the titling for our film, and appropriate crediting to everyone that helped make this film possible. I hope my work on the production design does the film justice and helps emphasize our chosen themes.





I am the Director of Photography, I will be deciding what fills the frame and how within every shot of the film. Photography is an avid interest of mine, and I hope to excel whilst learning within my chosen role. The visual identity of any film is vital to its success; therefore I hope to bring fresh ideas to the table; capable of turning this film into something unique and cult. I will be heading to the camera department, keeping it ship-shape, and ensuring that the correct equipment is chosen to create the best film possible.




My name is Bek-Ata Daniyal and I'm the lighting operator and visual effects manager for this short film 'Green Glass Doors', I will make sure everything looks cinematic and beautiful, because when lighting is used properly for a film, it makes a difference, one can create atmospheric visual appearance simply knowing what genre requires what type of lighting.




As the sound designer, I decide in correlation with the script and the cinematography, how the sound and music in the film reflects the genre and tone of the story. These aspects include the dialogue, ambient room sounds, environmental interaction and music which will help represent an industrial soundscape with the location. Any sound recorded on or offset, I will edit it together with the footage to create the musical score and overall sound in the film to truly capture what the crew have envisioned together with the cinematography.




As the camera operator, I am going to make sure that the shots in the film are true to the visual style that the director and cinematographer want for the film. The camera work is going to be very important to make sure the film visually engaging as our film is only set in one location, therefore, a lot will need to be done to make this as exciting for the audience as possible and will need to be stylised in terms of camera work. I am also responsible for the rushes ingest and assistant post production.